Our Services

At ALZAY ALAFDAL (Best Uniforms), we provide our clients with a broad range of essential services related to the design, manufacturer and care of uniforms.


We design each uniform to match each client’s specific corporate identity. This ensures the right first impression and maintains branding across the business. We help ensure that you’re putting the best foot forward at all times, while ensuring that your employees have uniforms that will stand up to everyday use.



Embroidery and Graphics:

We are happy to design, create and implement embroidery and graphics on all uniforms, from company logos to industry specific language and graphics. Let us help build your brand while ensuring that your staff are always professionally uniformed.

Sizing and Fitting:

We offer accurate sizing and fitting processes to ensure the perfect fit at all times. An ill-fitting uniform reflects directly on the business, and Best Uniforms understands the importance of public perception. We eliminate the prospect of poorly fitted uniforms and the problems that stem from an unprofessional appearance at the workplace.


We offer cotton, as well as a wide range of other textiles for specific needs. We ensure that each uniform will be more than capable of withstanding business and industry specific wear, tear and conditions. We can also source a variety of different materials to meet industry and governmental regulations, fire safety considerations and more.

Inventory Management:

For businesses with a significant number of employees, uniform inventory management can be a true headache. We offer inventory management to take the weight off your shoulders. Let us help you save time, money and effort while ensuring that your inventory counts are accurate, your uniforms are clean, and new hires are properly outfitted immediately.

Clothing Care:

We provide exclusive clothing care services for our clients, but we can also provide recommendations for washing fabrics if you prefer to care for your uniforms in house. From soiling and stain treatment to mending and fabric-specific care requirements, we are your sole solution.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our services, design process and more.